The Crypto Currency Reporter Team


Norman D. Pappous: Norman Pappous has worked in the financial services sector since the mid 90’s. He attended DePaul college in Chicago where he studied Economics (BS). While working as a commodity broker in Chicago, he attended the acclaimed Stuart School at the Illinois Institute of Technology. He graduated with an MSc degree in Financial Markets & Trading then moved to London to work for a global bank. In 2003 he moved back to the USA and worked for several investment firms. As a result of his global experiences in the investment sector, Norman has been quoted by over a dozen American and European media outlets on economics and financial markets. Most recently Norman has taken an interest in crypto-currencies and the technology behind them.


Steve Naremore is a serial entrepreneur having owned his own investment banking firm and high frequency equity trading operation dating back to 1987. With a passion for mergers and acquisitions, Steve has co-underwritten several IPO’s and mergers that have become household names today. As an early investor in Crypto, Steve enjoys writing feature news on the application of cryptocurrency in our daily lives as well as extensive opinion articles on the growing global acceptance of alt currencies. Steve is also an avid fisherman, falconer and wildlife photographer when time permits.


Payal Gupta graduated with a degree in Commerce and PGDBA in Finance. forthe poast seven years, she has, in one form or another, worked as a security’s analyst specializing in large and mid-cap stocks. She is fascinated with capital markets, bonds, and alternative investments. Her inspiration comes from her 2 daughters.

Michael Butcher started in Cryptocoin industry less than 2 years ago. He has developed a vast network of contacts primarily in the trading markets and development of Blockchain technologies.
Michael has worked on projects like Nano, Wanchain, Dash, Edge Wallet, and Bitmain, to name a few. While learning about Blockchain he built a Facebook group called “The Bitcoin Beehive” (The Beehive) to a little over 3,000 active members. Michael also operates a PR agency outside of Crypto, working with entrepreneurs who seek to get published in places like Forbes, Entrepreneur and other business publications.  Being no stranger to writing on industry topics, Michael is a frequent contributor to CryptoCoinReporter.

Dimple Dawar Oberoi has extensive work experience in the field of Finance. She has held diverse roles in the field including accounting, research, and data analysis.

Vinita Bansal has acquired a vast experience in in the field of finance – her background ranges from equities to Forex while working at several top-tier firms. She blogs in her free time.