Co- Founder Of Ethereum Attaches Himself To Atari’s Crypto

Ethereum and cryptocurrency wallet Jaxx co-founder, Anthony Di Iorio, has been named as honorary co-founder of Atari’s new cryptocurrency. According to a report published by Fortune, Di Iorio, who is a leading crypto-entrepenuer, will be part of the team that is launching the new Atari Token and the Atari Platform Network. Di Iorio is said to have invested his money in the project. The announcement is expected to give the 40-year-old Atari brand name another opportunity to revolutionize the entertainment industry.

Di Iorio’s plan

With a lot of experience in the cryptocurrency industry, Di Iorio will be a good asset to the company as it seeks to advance in the sector. He will be pivotal in formulating crypto policies and advising other founders, who are mainly experienced in video game space

Atari rose more than 60% after the company’s CEO and Chairman, Frederic Chesnais, announced that the company was preparing to invest cryptocurrency project. Chesnais said that blockchain technology will take over all important aspects of the company and is expected to revolutionize the current economic system especially in sector f video games and processing of online transactions.

Di Iorio said having a lot of experience in Atari, he is fully aware of all the best ways to design and develop a product. He added that it is very motivating a team, with vast experience come together to develop systems that are user-friendly, functional and scalable.

Di Iorio was part of the initial team that launched the initial investment round in the company’s Token’s pre-sale. The company will announce full details concerning the public offer in a few months’ time.

Digital gaming platform

There are very scanty details about the company’s crypto. However, there are indications that the Atari Token will be used together with digital gaming platforms. The company is also working another digital currency which will be called Pong Token. The company will use Pong Token in online casinos.

To consolidate its position and be ready for the launch of Atari Token, the company recently bought minority stake in Infinity Networks, which is currently developing a blockchain technology meant for digital entertainment platforms.

Since its launch in 1972 by Nolan Bushnell has changed hands several times. The company, which currently has its headquarters in France, has made headlines on several occasions in the recent days. Atari recently launched a new console and a hat that come with built-in bluetooth speakers.

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