Deloitte and Attest Offering Digital Identity Solutions to Govt. Clients

Blockchain Brings Issues That Digital Identity Solutions Can Address

Deloitte and Attest Inc. are forming a new collaboration to offer digital identity solutions to government clients. According to Wendy Henry, managing director of Deloitte Consulting LLP,  blockchain pilot programs are causing issues related to digital identity. Deloitte believes that many companies are thinking of using a personal wallet to allow individuals to control their digital identity. However, Henry believes that the government has to provide service to the an entire population. This includes people who may want to embrace their digitized identity credentials.

Governments around the world have started accepting blockchain technology. Recently the Azerbaijan Internet Forum (AIF) revealed that it is adopting blockchain solutions for its judicial systems.

According to the co-founder and chief executive officer of Attest, Cab Morris, “We are excited to work with Deloitte to bring blockchain-enabled technologies such as decentralized identifiers and verifiable credentials to government. Identity is foundational to nearly every government service and is the basis for trust and legitimacy in the public sector.”

He further added that Attest will combine the government’s verification infrastructure within a platform specifically engineered for privacy, scale, and security. The solution will offer tremendous value for both the businesses outside of government and the citizens. Morris stated that the digital identity issued by Deloitte will have the ability to reduce the risk as well as costs.

Deloitte, Attest Offer Two Products

The user-centric digital identity platform from Attest will offer two products, Attest Wallet and Attest Enterprise. As a consumer application, Attest Wallet will provide unparalleled agency, security, and privacy to the users whenever the businesses and government will share their verified personal data. Attest Enterprise will provide businesses and governments an entire set of strong authorization, authentication, and consent management. Users can integrate these tools into any type of system using two simple APIs.

Recently the Center for Government Insights in Deloitte published a review titled,” Assessing Blockchain Applications for the Public Sector.” It provides an in-depth overview of how Deloitte government uses blockchain technology in its operations. The insight focuses on six key factors for assessing whether a government application for blockchain is ready or not.

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