EasyJet, JetBlue Leveraging Blockchain Technology

Easyjet Enters Blockchain Era

The aviation industry is going through radical changes as more attention shifts to the customer. Therefore, reports that EasyJet is leveraging blockchain technology to help manage passage data are not uncommon. As Future Travel Experience reports, the aviation firm intends to use the data “to improve the passenger experience.”

Leveraging Blockchain Technology 

Cutthroat competition is now a common happening in the industry. Major airlines that have been around for ages are no longer making supernormal profits of the past century. The coming of low budget carriers like easyJet, JetBlue and Ryanair has upset the status quo. To survive, therefore, companies have to innovate and come up with new ways to attract customers. This is where the data driven strategy by easyJet and JetBlue come in. In addition, the firms are initiating customer loyalty programmes to attract and keep passengers.

Speaking at the Aviation Festival in London, EasyJet CEO mentioned that the company is going “all in” on data science. Johan Lundgren, CEO, believes that effective data use will data the competitive advantage of industry players. He said, “We believe data science will be at the core of our airline. We need to find out what the new technology is. Artificial Intelligence (AI) is about the automated experience. It will be key.” Johan mentions Amazon as a good example of a company that is on top of data science. According to him, the company is a world leader in leveraging data to compete favorably in a competitive environment.

Customer Loyalty Programs 

Further, EasyJet leveraging blockchain technology will be important in facilitating customer loyalty programs. Johan notes that “every company needs something where you reward your customers.” To that end, companies need to initiate programs that will be of benefit to customers. He cautions that it will be fruitless to offer a service that least interests a customer. The CEO hinted at the possibility to use cryptocurrencies to implement the loyalty programs.

Similarly, CEO of JetBlue, Robin Hayes, agrees with Johan in as far as blockchain is applicable. The CEO observes that airline companies own so much data and can use it to improve customer experience. However, the catch is that companies have to find creative and innovative ways to utilize the data. For JetBlue, the firm is setting up tech subsidiaries and investing in “companies that are of interest.” Hayes hinted at using blockchain “appropriately” to work data out. It might be sooner to see JetBlue and easyJet leveraging blockchain technology.

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