GMO Internet Inc. (OTCMKTS:GMOYF) Develops a Mobile App To Reward Gamers

GMO Internet Inc. (OTCMKTS:GMOYF) has developed a Mobile App called CryptoChips by GMO to reward the players in cryptocurrency.

According to the Japanese technology firm, the players can make use of the Mobile App CryptoChips to earn rewards in Cryptocurrency by simply playing games. The Mobile App will be integrated with Whimsical War, the real-time territorial battle game offered by the GMO group, initially.

Users can start playing the game from August 2018 and get rewarded in Bitcoin (BTO). The rewards are offered when a player achieves a mission inside the game or increase rankings. GMO will directly credit the bitcoin into the player’s account. The players must have a wallet to receive the cryptocurrency.

The players need to master the skills to successfully place the characters on the battlefield to win the game. It is possible to engage in the team tag battles by forming tag teams. The games can be played on Android and iOS based devices.

The Mobile App CryptoChips will be placed along with other gaming applications of the GMO. The site also hosts competitors’ games. The company is also aiming to improve awareness of the bitcoin through the mobile app to the general public. GMO Internet will also include support for more cryptocurrencies and extend integration to other games as well.

The GMO group has decided to unveil GMO Miner B2 on June 6, 2018. The company has utilized the 7 nm process technology to power the machine to mint coins.

GMO Offering cryptocurrency trading and Cryptocurrency FX

GMO Internet Group has started offering cryptocurrency FX and cryptocurrency trading in May 2017. The company has also introduced cryptocurrency mining venture in December 2017 in Northern Europe. It will utilize the abundantly available renewable energy in the region for the operation of the mining venture. The estimated production capacity of the plant is 500 petahashes/second.

The Group has entered into a $5 million rental contract to include the power costs, land, maintenance and security of the cloud mining venture. The rental contract is valid for 2 years. The Cloud Mining Venture supports both bitcoin cash and bitcoin. The new venture can accept 8 contracts in a month.

GMO Click Integrates Trading Services with GMO Wallet Co. Ltd

In early 2017, GMO Click has announced plans to integrate the trading services with GMO Wallet Co. Ltd, the bitcoin wallet. GMO Click is the biggest forex broker in the world. GMO Internet has announced in 2014 that 48,532 merchants in Japan will accept bitcoin. The partners of GMO Internet has started accepting part of their remuneration in Bitcoin in February 2018.

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