Google G Suite Hacked – Falls Prey to Fake “Musk” Twitter Scam

Google G Suite “Musk” Hack Aimed at Twitter Users

In the latest incident of cyber insecurity, The Next Web reports a Twitter Bitcoin scam targeting Google. Specifically, hackers took control of G Suite, a platform that offers tools and softwares developed by Google. The account boasts of 800,000 followers. The hackers posted a message promoting a Bitcoin giveaway if participants send some Bitcoin first. Unsuspecting twitter users followed the instructions and subsequently lost their Bitcoin.

Interestingly, hackers are going for the people on Twitter because they find it easy to hack Twitter accounts. Twitter accounts do not require two-factor verification, which is more secure. Initially, hackers simply changed their accounts’ display name to Elon Musk. The logic was that people trust Musk’s judgement regarding cryptocurrency. Therefore, it would be easier for people to fall for the trick. The CryptoCoin reporter revealed, the hackers took control of verified accounts to better dupe twitter users.

“Usually, scammers take control of other verified accounts and edit them to resemble Elon Musk’s. They then post crypto-related information with the sole purpose of misinformation. Interestingly, unsuspecting users fall for the scam who then lose a lot of cryptocurrency in the process,” the CryptoCoin reporter elaborates.

Twitter Working Hard after Target Hack

However, the CryptoCoin reporter further reports that Twitter is working hard to rein in the menace. As The Next Web adds, the social media giant promised to make things right especially after another hack on retailer Target. According to the report, the retail giant had its account taken over in the same manner as G Suite’s. The hackers further posted a promoted tweet promising huge Bitcoin giveaways in the order of 10,000 BTC.

In a statement sent to The Verge, Target states: “Early this morning, Target’s Twitter account was inappropriately accessed. The access lasted for approximately half an hour and one fake tweet was posted during that time about a bitcoin scam. We’re in close contact with Twitter, have deleted the tweet and have locked the account while we investigate further.”

Bypassing Security Checks

Interestingly, users easily fall for the scams because the hacked accounts have the blue “checkmark”. The “blue checkmark” is evidence of the verified nature of the associated twitter account. So far, Twitter has shut down various accounts that look suspicious. Specifically, one would have their account looked simply by changing their display name to Elon Musk. In an email to The Next Web’s Hard Fork, Twitter said that it is working with victim companies to avoid the hacks.

However, questions still exist about how hackers are able to bypass security measures put in place by Twitter. For instance, the social media giant employs people who specifically screen ads to ensure they comply with their terms.

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