John McAfee Survives Assassination Attempt By His Enemies

Cybersecurity magnate John McAfee has emerged after being silent for three days, revealing that he had been hospitalized after being poisoned in an assassination attempt.

McAfee who is one of the most vocal individuals in the cryptocurrency community was briefly out of the limelight and it turns out that the reasons are far more serious than anyone anticipated. The crypto-evangelist took to Twitter where he revealed that he had been the victim of an attempted assassination that left him hospitalized for two days after being poisoned. Interestingly, this happened just one month after he said that he was fearing for his life during an interview with The Independent.

“My enemies managed to spike something that I ingested. However, I am more difficult to kill than anyone can possibly imagine. I am back,” wrote McAfee in a tweet.

McAfee also apologized to his fans for the three days of his absence through the tweet, stating that he had been unconscious for two days during which he was hospitalized at the Vidant Medical Center in North Calorina. Fortunately, the doctors at the hospital were able to save his life. McAfee also posted a few photos in which he was in a hospital bed looking like he was in a very critical condition. He also issued a warning saying he knows the people that poisoned him.

McAfee’s feud with the SEC

McAfee’s wife, Janice McAfee also took to Twitter where she also confirmed that McAfee was still alive and warned his attackers that they are in trouble. It is worth noting that the crypto evangelist has been engaged in a heated row with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) after he posted the personal contacts of Jay Clayton, the chairman of the SEC. McAfee also challenged Clayton to hold a public debate in which they would both discuss some of the pressing issues regarding cryptocurrencies and ICOs.

The attempted assassination is not the first time that McAfee has been attacked. He previously revealed that violent cartels have tried to kidnap him in multiple attempts. The former cybersecurity boss currently lives in Lexington, Tennessee in a heavily fortified home which is the obvious way to go especially since he has enemies that want him eliminated.

The attack on McAfee is a wakeup call on the cryptocurrency community. Clearly, there are people who are not happy about him preaching the cryptocurrency gospel. There is no doubt that digital currencies are a huge threat to fiat currencies. Unfortunately, McAfee did not reveal the identities of his attackers.

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