Rothschild Connection Purely Speculative, Says IMMO Evangelist Brack

Rothchild Cited in IMMO Blockchain Project Financing

The IMMO blockchain project evangelist Gabriel Brack recently stated that the Rothschild family’s connection with IMMO is purely speculative. Rumors about the connection between the Rothchilds and the crypto space went adrift weeks ago. Reports cited involvement of Rothschild family in the huge IMMO blockchain project. Additionally, big luminaries from the crypto world, including Vitalik Buterin, made a related statements on Reddit.

The Co-founder of Ethereum (ETH) asked, “Are ‘the Rothschilds’ even well-coordinated enough to be worth caring about as a group these days?” The Russian-Canadian programmer raised this issue after the crypto enthusiasts starting discussing the opacity of banking dynasty’s IMMO blockchain project. Buterin, who is also a co-founder of Bitcoin (BTC) Magazine made headlines by stating that there is no chance of another virtual currency boom.

Bitfinex exchange is currently undergoing turmoil. As a part of the controversy surrounding the exchange, users tracked down the whale wallets associated with IMMO. Speculation suggests that the Rothschild family owns a whale wallet associated with the IMMO foundation. However, during an interview, Gabriel Brack dispelled all these rumors. He states that speculations regarding the involvement of Rothschild family in the IMMO cryptocurrency project are baseless. Brack said, “I can say unequivocally that the involvement of the Rothschild family in the creation of IMMO is purely speculative. We do not want the community to disseminate information that is known to be false. Speculations about the project are completely out of control, it’s time to put all the rumors to rest.”

Past connection of Brack with Rothschild Family office triggered off rumors

The longtime Trustee and Protector of the trusts of Rothschild Family served the Rothschild group for almost a decade from 1988 to 2008 as the General Manager at the Geneva’s Family Office Baron Benjamin de Rothschild. He has an extensive experience in Capital Management field and successfully manages different investment funds and portfolios. Further, the current CEO at Watamar Asset Management AG is one of the first supporters of IMMO High1000 crypto community.

According to Brack, his past connection with the Rothschild dynasty possibly triggered off multiple speculations and rumors of their association with IMMO. The rumor circulated very quickly on the social networks and forums and led to sessions of active discussions about the relationship of the banker with the dynasty and the IMMO cryptocurrency company. One of the users even went far saying that with its IMMO connection the elite world will try to establish complete control over the entire cash flows and finances in the world.

As a result of his insider knowledge, Brack stated that the virtual currency market is currently going through a crisis of both trust and business which is why all the latest crypto-projects are nowadays creating a lot of hype but fail to fulfill the promise.

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