Salesforce Patents Blockchain System for Fighting Spam Emails

Fighting Spam Mails

Salesforce has achieved a significant milestone in the use of blockchain technology.  The customer relationship management company has patented a system leveraging ledger technology to filter unwanted emails. In the patent filing, Salesforce insists on the need to improve messaging systems.  Its patented blockchain anti-spam system has the potential to efficiently filter spam emails. The blockchain system can also detect whether someone or a system has tempered with an email, while in transit on a network. Salesforce new system is an upgrade of current systems that have struggled to filter spam messages effectively.

Salesforce blockchain system works by leveraging the power of computers on a network.  First of all, email servers on a network must reach a consensus on the true original email. The system works by first adding an email in transit on a block in a blockchain platform.  Emails servers will have to reach consensus about the particular email as part of the verification process. A secondary email server will use the original message recorded on the blockchain for reference. It is only when the server confirms that an email matches the one in the first server that it will end up in recipient inbox.  The immutable and distributed nature of the Salesforce blockchain system should make it impossible for people to modify contents of an email.

Salesforce focus is not just on the use of blockchain technology to fight spam mail. The company is also exploring the use of the technology to ensure preservation of medical records or educational transcripts. The enterprise company also sees potential use of the technology to ensure the authenticity of legal documents as well as property rights.  All these plans continue to affirm Salesforce increased focus on the revolutionary blockchain technology.

Blockchain Patents

However, Salesforce is not the first high profile company to patent a blockchain solution. Bank of America is also leading an onslaught on blockchain technology patents. The financial institution has already filed a new blockchain patent detailing a hardened storage system for private cryptography keys. According to Bank of America, current systems are insufficient and insecure when it comes to private keys storage.  The firm has since detailed a new blockchain system that will isolate private keys from systems performing authentication.  The isolation aspect seeks to make it impossible for hackers to access the keys. Bank of America leads the pack when it comes to blockchain patents in the U.S. The bank owns over 50 patents tied to the ledger technology as it continues to explore its usage in various aspects of the financial sector.

Alibaba is another high profile tech giant leading the onslaught on blockchain innovations and patents in China. Initial reports indicate that the e-commerce giant accounts for nearly 10% of the world’s total blockchain patents.

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