Story Of German Teenager & Bitcoin (BTC) Millionaire Erik Finman

Finman Started with 1000 Euros and Ended a Millionaire

The unusual success story of German teenager and Bitcoin (BTC) millionaire Erik Finman is an inspiration. It all started with a bet with his parents when Finman was 12 years-old. Finman believed his future was not to be in school. Finman decided to take a different route. He promised his parents that he would become a millionaire by the time he became 18. Finman fulfilled his promise and now the 19-year-old continues to trade Bitcoin and other virtual currencies. 

When Finman told his parents that he didn’t want to go to college, his parents said that they would not force him to go. However, he had to become a millionaire before his 18th birthday. To attempt to win his bet, Finman invested 1000 Euros, provided by his grandmother, in Bitcoin at 10 Euro each. Within six years Finman became a Bitcoin millionaire – even before he celebrated his 18th birthday. In an interview, the German millionaire stated that anyone can become a millionaire by trading digital currencies. While discussing the recent decline and crash in the Bitcoin markets, Erik states that he still believes in cryptocurrencies.

Recently the media reported that traders who invested in the Bitcoins in 2017 are deeply regretting their decision. The largest cryptocurrency in the world traded at $19,783 on December 17, 2017, but severely declined this year – falling below $4,000. Finman stated that it was foreseeable because its value rose steadily. But the advance of virtual currency is unstoppable, said the young Bitcoin millionaire. According to Finman, “A single crash does not change that. People will continue to invest in it and become increasingly emotionally connected with digital currencies. “

Finman Loves to Flaunt His Achievement

The youngest Bitcoin millionaire in the world is happy about his achievement and loves to flaunt it. The Instagram feed of the 19-year-old reveals some ostentatious photos of Erik showing him stepping out of private jets or lying on money-covered beds with captions saying, “Cash is so worthless compared to Bitcoin I’m sleeping on it …”

One photo shows him smoking. The caption says that sometimes a person needs a good smoke for relaxing after feeling exhausted of having so much money and lots of beautiful women. In reply to admonishment from one of his fans, Erik said that the cigarette in the picture is not real and is just a hundred and that he does not smoke.

Incidentally, it seems that Erik is a big fan of the notorious Martin Shkreli who is currently in jail. Finman purposely styles himself as Shkreli and posts similar photos on his social media.

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