Winners Of This Year’s Blockshow’s Blockchain Industry Leaders Poll Announced

Winners of the Blockshow Europe 2018 blockchain industry poll have been announced. The poll was conducted using Polys, a blockchain-based voting app. In this year’s poll, supporters got the chance to vote for companies and women that made a lot of impact in the blockchain sector throughout Europe. A total of 15 nominees were shortlisted and 2000 votes cast.

The nominees

The nominees that were shortlisted are influential women from the Europe Union that are deemed to have made a lot of impact in moving the industry to the current level. These women were acting as individuals or in partnership with other industry players. Apart from the nominees, voters were also given a chance to extend the list by proposing their own nominees.

In the company category, a shortlist was drawn up based on expert reviews, market capitalization as well as social media activity. Like for the individual category, voters were also allowed to propose and vote for their own EU-based companies.

In the individual category, Dr Quy Vo-Reinhard, the co-founder and Chief Data Officer of HIT Foundation, was announced as the winner. The Health Information Traceability or HIT Foundation is a blockchain-based marketplace, which allows people to digitize as well as monetize their health data. The platform also allows data owners to trace its usage.

In a statement, Vo-Reinhard despite being born in a country where 40 years ago were regarded as an object of the kitchen, highly believes that blockchain will immensely contribute in making a bright future.

In the company category, Bitfury was announced as the winner of the game-changing EU blockchain company award. Bitfury is one of the major suppliers of blockchain infrastructure in the world crypto ecosystem.

In a comment while receiving the award, Bitfury CEO Valery Vavilov said the company is grateful and humbled by the tremendous support. He added that the company has been working hard to innovate and develope new blockchain solutions for businesses, governments and institutions that work to improve the lives of people. Vavilov said that the company is based in Europe but it is always working to spread its influence around the world.

The 2018 BlockShow conference

The winners were announced for the 2018 BlockShow that was attended by over 3,000 delegates. During the conference, more 150 projects were showcased and more than 80 globally recognized experts and speakers drawn from institutions, banks and diverse global industries attended.

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